Why should your company undergo a periodic network assessment when everything appears to be working fine? Every business decision or action has a reaction, and a network assessment identifies the challenges and risks at work in your business. For instance, are your employees using their own mobile devices to conduct business? Are they downloading questionable software? Are mission-critical business processes running on vulnerable servers?

WeiserTek provides a comprehensive network assessment that evaluates security, stabilization, mobile devices, and regulatory compliance requirements. 

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A WeiserTek network assessment provides a thorough overview of your company’s security assumptions and imitations, identifying risks and providing recommended safeguards.


Stabilization assessment detects vulnerabilities in your network—from misconfigured firewalls and data leaks to intellectual property violations and more.


BYOD assessment reviews your mobile operations and corporate policy for risks associated with data vulnerabilities, liabilities, and loss.


Regulatory compliance is a growing aspect of business in many industries such as healthcare, real estate and finance. A network assessment identifies challenges and opportunities existing in your operations.

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