Using outdated business intelligence solutions and applications make for sluggish functionality and reduced productivity. WeiserTek enables your business to stay competitive by providing the hardware and software patches and upgrades needed to achieve optimal business performance.

When it comes time to migrate to an upgraded platform, we facilitate the safe transfer of all data and records while minimizing workplace disruptions. Contact WeiserTek today for assistance regarding application, database or business process migration.

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WeiserTek advises you on appropriate technology upgrades and migration paths to best serve your business needs, now and into the future.


We assist you with a variety of technology environment upgrades or migrations—from mobile and internet to enterprise or cloud.


Patches and upgrades are managed by experienced WeiserTek technicians who, after running upgrade scripts, perform post upgrade testing to support optimal functionality.


WeiserTek works on a range of operating systems such as Windows, OS X, Linux and more.

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We are here to help. WeiserTek provides comprehensive computer-based services for managing information technology.


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