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Hello, I am Richard Weiser, Chief Technology Officer & Founder of WeiserTek Ltd. and this is the story of our company.

The year was 1985, I was five years old and I saw the movie WarGames (1983) starring Mathew Broderick and directed by John Badham. I was already fascinated by technology, but this movie was the true catalyst to my life. I understood at 5, what true artificial intelligence meant and how it was either going to be helpful or harmful to the human race. This movie’s influence was so far reaching that President Regan discussed the plot elements with members of Congress, advisors, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is later credited with the first Presidential Directive on computer security 18 months after his viewing, known as NSDD-145 or National Policy on Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security, signed September 17, 1984.

I had technology in the house to play with but always wanted my very own computer. At school we had the Apple II, so I had early exposure to computing. When I wasn’t any more than 5.5 years old, on my Dad's pay day, he took us off to the local RadioShack, a favorite store of mine. What I didn't know was that he intended to purchase a computer. We spent what seemed like hours trying to figure out which one to purchase that would do the most and stay in his budget, I'm sure the salesman was tired of the questions. I was involved asking questions about memory, storage and processor speeds. We ended up buying a Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (I don’t have my original, but years later I did buy one and mounted it on my office wall). We did not have the money for a floppy disk drive, so we used a tape deck from RadioShack connected via regular 3.5mm audio jack to save programs to cassette that I had written on the TRS-80, I named it Joshua after the A.I. in the movie WarGames. It was on this computer that I learned BASIC and from there I was hooked.

Our next computer was a Dell, I don't remember the model number, but it ran Windows 3.1. The specs were terrible, me and my Dad upgraded it till it could not handle any more. With the release of Windows 95, a brand new Gateway that we custom ordered and maxed out the video, sound, memory and hard drive to the max. The price was ridiculous, and even an entry level cell phone or maybe even child's toy from today would be far more powerful, but at the time, it was the best that money could buy. Microsoft would later release a new IDE, Visual Studio 97 (5.0) and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy through school. I was taking computer programming and having access both at school and home turned into an addiction. I probably read every programming book there was I could get my hands on.

I attended East Carolina University, majoring in Management Information Systems when my mother was unfortunately diagnosed with Stage III cancer. I decided to look for work to offer whatever help I could, and was hired at East Carolina University's Physician Assistant Program as their Technical Coordinator. The man that hired me, Edward Huechtker, PA-C, taught me to have faith in my abilities and teach professional Physician Assistant Faculty Members how to instruct the very first distance learning class in the United States of Physician Assistant Students. This was a rather tough objective for a 20-year-old teaching Faculty and Students that were often technically deficient. I learned patience, especially that often what a faculty member or student would say they wanted to accomplish, was NOT actually what they needed to I would come up with new approaches to the problems and document them for other students and faculty. One of the needs at the university was the ability to track patient encounters led to the creation of Lestat RMS. This application was the launching point for what would become WeiserTek starting in April 2002. The application would later be used in Universities throughout the country until the product line was retired in 2015.

Later, Mr. Huechtker, brought me to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where now instead of just Physician Assistant students, we now handled the entire Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, where he was the Department Chair, for the School of Health Professions. We implemented podcasting screen captures of lectures for students before the advent of iTunes U. I wrote an application that both encoded for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iPod Video & Audio only) and made those lectures available to students via either streaming or downloadable with encryption for authorized users only. Within a year, test scores rose across the board, and students credited the ability to review lectures at any time as the main reason for them being able to perform better. After leaving UAB, when Mr. Huechtker retired, I went back home to Winston-Salem, NC and worked for Winston-Salem State University where I was a Senior Developer for the IT Department, one of my tasks was running iTunes U and providing Business Intelligence to the university.

I later left the educational world and began working on my dream of building a company that would provide services and knowledge base at affordable rates with massive returns on investment for clients. The main reason being, tell me it can’t be done technically, and I bet you the technology already exists or it can be built by WeiserTek Ltd.



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Healthcare & Education

Healthcare & Education are industries in transition, and every business that provides medical and health-related services is impacted. Researching and finding the right IT solutions can be overwhelming, which is why you need to work with IT professionals. Outsource your IT needs to WeiserTek.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a medical, dental or other wellness group, or one of the many other businesses that directly support healthcare providers, our local teams have the experience and expertise to assess the appropriate technologies to serve your specific business needs. We work with you to help you realize where you stand with compliance. Our reputation for quality IT management is based on our best practices and consultative approach from the very start.

Nonprofits & Charities

Disruptive forces are at work in the non-profit sector, and organizations that rise to the occasion will have the greatest opportunity of not only surviving market volatility, but also advancing their mission. Harnessing the power of technology is key. WeiserTek provides industry-specific guidance and solutions that serves the specialized needs of the non-profit sector. Our nationwide network, strategic partnerships, and depth of technology experience put significant capabilities at your organization’s disposal.

Financial & Insurance

The WeiserTek network of technology experts understands how to apply IT solutions to best serve financial and insurance institutions. We work with you to address challenges that threaten successful outcomes. How do you enable greater productivity using mobile devices while safeguarding data? Where can you scale back resources yet still meet compliance requirements? WeiserTek answers with IT solutions and implementations that fit your unique business needs.

Legal Services

Your clients, your teams and the highly sensitive information your business holds are the primary assets of a successful law firm, so it goes without saying that data quality, accessibility, reliability and data security are tantamount. Today’s rapidly changing business arena is causing concern among law firms regarding how to leverage technology to ensure data integrity, optimize workflows and protect confidential information of both your client and your firm. WeiserTek understands the challenges facing the legal industry and provides the expertise to deliver effective information technology management solutions.

Construction & Contracting

Construction opportunities are on the rise globally, providing your firm with perfect timing to gain a competitive advantage. As a whole, the construction industry has been a late adopter of technology, contributing to its poor track record for delivering projects on time and on budget. With the integration of technology and digital tools, your firm can improve in all areas of your business, from finance and purchasing to project management and field operations.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Change is disruptive, but it also creates opportunities. There are numerous ways your business can improve operations and carve out a competitive niche in today’s technology-driven economy. TeamLogic IT understands the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, and our team works with you to identify those areas of improvement, from supply chain management and cost controls to inventory turn and customer satisfaction. With WeiserTek your business could experience improved technology integration.

As Chief Technology Officer for WeiserTek Ltd., I look forward to hearing from you or your company. It is my personal pledge to all clients current, future and potential that WeiserTek will provide your business of any size with the best possible Managed Technology Services or Custom Development project you chose to partner with us on. A business, just like any team, is measured by the weakest link in the NOT let your business fall victim to your Technology needs not meeting par. Contact WeiserTek today to let one of our Engineers help develop a plan to implement your technical vision and meet your business needs.

I always like to end on a positive note, or something to think about: While most famous for being an Apple commercial when Steve Jobs came back to Apple, this is the quote that WeiserTek Ltd. believes in completely and it was actually written by Rob Siltanen and he should be credited for it, “Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Richard Weiser

Richard Weiser
Chief Technology Officer
WeiserTek Ltd.

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Since 2002, WeiserTek has worked with clients of every size, through this experience we have learned the distinct stand-point that success stems from Business Insight Through Technical Vision.