National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Security is always on our minds for our engineers here at WeiserTek, and especially with the folks we like to call our good friends and partners, LastPass Enterprise. However, right now, it's something we want to make more people aware of because October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: a reminder to prioritize cybersecurity goals and initiatives in your organization.

LastPass in the spirit of a safer workplace, has released their 2018 Global Password Security Report to provide insight into password hygiene in businesses worldwide.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Based on the algorithm that was developed by LastPass to give a security score to users and individuals about the strengths of their passswords used in their organizations - the average score of security strength of all the 43,000 companies running LastPass was 52%.
  • The number of businesses running one or more forms of multi-factor authentication has risen from last year's reported 25% to 45%.
  • The percentage of employees that use the same passwords for personal and work accounts is 50%.

How does your company compare? Explore the data by company size, industry, country, and more to see how you stack up. Dig into the entire report to understand how to solve the password problem and become a top performer.

Click here to get access to the report from LastPass. WeiserTek has been deploying LastPass Enterprise for organizations of all types. Those organizations are now more secure, less requests for password resets, lock out times, etc...

If password security is a concern for your business, and it should be, please feel free to reach out to our engineers at WeiserTek. We'd love to speak to you about helping your business roll out better password management and policies if you don't have an IT department, give us a call at 336.652.0434. If you know you need a password management system, and every business should have one, get a free trial on us from LastPass Enterprise by clicking here. We're happy to help you once you sign up, and offer general consultations on the product free of charge.